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  • Mie Rebus

    Bakmi Godhog Recipe (Java Style Boiled Noodle)

    FollowShare Besides bakmi, mie or mi is Indonesian words for noodle.  Godhog is a Javanese word for Rebus in Indonesian or Boiled in English.  So, Bakmi Godhog (or Mie/Mi Rebus) is literally translated Boiled Noodle in English. This Java style contains simpler spices compare to […]

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  • Crab Asparagus Soup

    Crab and Asparagus Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love this typical egg drop soup?  This Chinese style gooey soup is a memoir of my childhood.  Whenever we went to the Chinese restaurant, we chose this soup for appetizer.  Often, mom recreated it at home.  While mom added fresh crab especially […]

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  • Siomay Bandung

    Siomay Bandung Recipe (Bandung Steamed Dumplings with Peanut Sambal)

    FollowShare From the name siomay, you can tell this food had an influence from the Chinese who immigrated to Indonesia long time ago.  A word of siomay itself is derived from shaomai (also spelled shui mai, shu mai, sui mai, sui maai, shui mei, siu […]

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  • Medan-Style Chicken Noodle Soup

    Mie Sop Ayam Medan Recipe (Medan Chicken Noodle Soup)

    FollowShare With many different style of chicken noodle soup in the country (depend on the region off course), this one was not the soup that I grew up thou my late dad came from this area.   Yet, I felt in love right away! Being […]

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  • Indonesian Chicken Noodle

    Mie Ayam Jamur (Indonesian Chicken Mushroom Noodle) Recipe

    FollowShare Bakmi Ayam Jamur is another name for Mie Ayam Jamur.  It’s another typical of Indonesian Chinese cuisine or we call it “Peranakan”.   According to wikipedia, Indonesian-Chinese Food is characterized by the combination of the Chinese and the local Indonesian style.  Adding chili, santan (coconut […]

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  • Indonesian Beefball Soup

    Bakso Campur Recipe (Indonesian Mixed Meatballs Soup)

    FollowShare Bakso is such a staple meatballs soup in Indonesia and enjoyed by people at any ages. It’s important to eat it with sambal bakso. I’ll post the sambal bakso soon. I grew up with bakso Malang style. When I was a kid, I recalled […]

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  • Fried Bihun ala Old Jakarta Kota Station

    Fried Bihun ala Old Jakarta Kota Station

    FollowShare Bihun or rice vermicelli often uses in Indonesian recipes. Wiffy’s post, fried bee hoon has reminded me of this old time snack. It was the time whenever my destination was Jakarta Kota aka Beos, an old area of Jakarta with heavy inhibited by Chinese […]

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  • Tahu Pong Semarang Recipe (Tofu Puff and Shrimp Fritter with Hot Sweet and Sour Sauce)

    Tahu Pong Semarang Recipe (Tofu Puff and Shrimp Fritter with Hot Sweet and Sour Sauce)

    FollowShare First and foremost, I would like to say thank you very very much for the birthday wishes that I received through emails and facebook. Also, I got a nice breakfast in bed from my husband, a glass of berries (acai, blueberry, blackberry and boysenberry) […]

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  • Indonesian Wonton

    Fried Wonton Recipe (Pangsit Goreng)

    FollowShare Wontons are one of my comfort food, either in deep fry, steam or soup base. I sometimes bake them as well. In Indonesia, wontons (deep fried or steamed) are used for a companion to eat bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup). You can be creative with […]

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  • 4503725864_5c7a0d77b7_b

    Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong – Super Duper Garlicky Deep Fried Shrimp

    FollowShare Udang ala Bie Fong Tong or Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong.  One of Indonesian bloggers, cik Ine popularized this recipe in 2006.  At that time, I still blogged on multiply where I met her and saw the recipe.  As she mentioned at […]

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