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  • Asinan Bogor

    Asinan Buah Bogor (Bogor Fruit Pickle) Recipe

    FollowShare Perfect and enjoyable for hot summer day! Asinan Bogor (Bogor Fruit Pickle).  It’s really easy to make and you can use any fruits that you like.  In this recipe, I substituted the chili pepper for scotch bonnet pepper. I also used tropical fruits that […]

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  • Coconut Beef satay

    Sate Klopo Recipe (Surabaya Coconut Beef Saté)

    FollowShare It’s summer now on the northern hemisphere. Perfect time for grilling or barbecuing. If you have been to Indonesia, you will notice there are many variants of Saté (known as Satay too). This time, I have Sate Klopo or Kelopo. Klopo or Kelopo is […]

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  • Indonesia Eats on Getty Images

    Food Photos of Indonesia Eats Are Now For Sale At Getty Images

    FollowShare What can I say about this news? I’m so thrilled to let you know that I have 24 photos available for sale on Getty Images!

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  • Indonesian Yellow Spiced Grilled Lamb Chop

    Indonesian Yellow Spiced Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe

    FollowShare This Indonesian Yellow Spiced Grilled Lamb Chop was posted before in my blog in 2007. However, I took down that the recipe and renewed the pic. The recipe was originally adapted from mbak Estherlita’s Sate Kambing Bumbu Gule (Goat Saté with Gule Spiced). I […]

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  • Asam Chicken by My Blogliciious

    Peranakan Asam Chicken

    FollowShare If I say Peranakan do you know what’s that mean?  Lia of My Bentolicious is a perfect example for a Peranakan (known as Nyonya).  I offered Lia Chen being my guest post to represent the Peranakan food in Indonesia as she is a Chinese-Indonesian descendant. […]

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    St. Norbert Farmers’ Market 2011

    FollowShare I would love to have all year summer in Winnipeg just because I enjoy farmers’ market.  This year, I didn’t visit on the first day of opening since I had to work on the weekend.  I was also happy I could get fresh green […]

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  • Bumbu Dasar Kuning

    Bumbu Dasar Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Basic Yellow Spice Paste)

    FollowShare I know that Indonesian cooking is a labour intensive.  That is why there are four basic spices in Indonesian cooking.  These basic spice pastes are named after its colour; red (merah), orange (oranye), yellow (kuning) and white (putih). This basic yellow spice paste is […]

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  • Keripik Bayam

    Keripik Bayam (Indonesian Amaranth Greens Crackers)

    FollowShare Amaranth Greens Crackers are something that addictive to snack on.  Yunita Rahmasari or known as Tata of Bonita’s Cooking & Bento Wonderland will present a recipe on how to make Keripik Bayam (Indonesian Amaranth Greens Crackers.  She is a talented bentoist who share the same […]

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  • Gohu

    Gohu Recipe (Minahasa Green Papaya Salad)

    FollowShare Gohu is a popular green papaya asinan from East Indonesia, to be exact Minahasa (North Sulawesi). Asinan is very similar to acar or another name for pickle in Indonesia. As other Minahasa foods or better known as Manado, gohu is spiced up with lots […]

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  • Kering Kentang

    Kering Kentang Recipe (Indonesian Dried Potatoes)

    FollowShare In Indonesia, potatoes are eaten for a side dish as vegetables and not a main carbohydrate source. We can eat potatoes with rice. This time I made my old time favourite, kering kentang or dried potatoes. Kering kentang is often served to ccompany nasi […]

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