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  • Sup Buntut Rempah

    Sup Buntut Rempah Recipe (Indonesian Spiced Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sup Buntut is one of popular soups in Indonesia. I used to make it with Indonesia instant seasoning “Munik”. The original recipe uses beef oxtail, carrots, chinese celery leaves, potato, shallots, garlics, ground nutmeg, cloves, white/black pepper, salt, and sprinkle with slice of green […]

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  • Portuguese Custard Tarts

    Portuguese Custard Tarts

    FollowShare This is a reduced-sugar version of Portuguese Custard Tarts, and just as delicious. I didn’t follow the UKTV food recipe as directed. Category: Baking Style: Portuguse Servings: 10 tarts Ingredients: For the pastry 1 package frozen puff pastry, thawed 2-3 tbsp superfine sugar 1/2 […]

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  • Checkerboard Cookies

    Checkerboard Cookies

    FollowShare Thanks to Dyann for the video. I wanted to turn out well, but stil I could not make as good as Dyann did. When I measured and cut, I had the doughs leftover, so I decided to make Marble Cookies. Category: Baking Ingredients:Vanilla Shortbread12 […]

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  • Batak Pepper

    Andaliman – A Family of Sichuan Pepper

    FollowShare Photo has been updated on October 1Being a half of Tapanuli (Batak) descendant, I should introduce Andaliman. In which a common ingredient to be used in North Sumatra. It’s added to many dishes such as arsik (cooked fish with spices) and sambal andaliman   Andaliman (Zanthoxylum […]

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