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  • Aceh Crab Noodle

    Mie Kepiting Aceh Recipe (Aceh Crab Noodle)

    FollowShare Mie Aceh (mie is the word for noodle, Aceh is the region), another Indonesian noodle dishes that I wasn’t grew up with. I first got introduced to Mie Aceh around my university era in Bogor (West Java). Aceh is the very northern Indonesia province […]

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  • Pacri Nanas

    Pacri Nanas Recipe (Malay Spiced Pineapple)

    FollowShare Pacri nanas recipe was posted on my blog before in 2007, but I decided to renew it as well as the picture. It means I took down my old post. Pacri Nanas is a Malay dish that is popular in Indonesia (West Kalimantan and […]

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  • Baso Tahu Goreng

    Batagor Recipe (Indonesian Fried Dumplings)

    FollowShare Batagor is an abbreviation from baso tahu goreng. Here is a little tutorial of bahasa Indonesia. Baso or bakso means meatballs; tahu means tofu and goreng means fry. I prefer translate those words into Fried Dumpling as it contains fried fishballs, shu mai, and […]

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  • Hazelnuts


    FollowShare A hazelnut is the nut of the hazel and is also known as a cob nut or filbert nut according to species. In commercial quantities, hazelnuts are produced in Turkey, Italy and in the American states of Oregon and Washington. Turkey is, by far, […]

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  • The Winner of So Nice Giveaway

    The Winner of So Nice Giveaway

    FollowShare As you may know that my blog did a So Nice Giveaway until December 15 for Canadian residents, there were 21 people participate in this draw.  However, there were only 17 participants eligible.  From those, the results were 44 draws. Now, I’m happy to […]

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  • 2011 Celebrating the Joy of Indonesian Foods Calendar

    2011 Celebrating the Joy of Indonesian Foods Calendar

    FollowShare I have made a calendar that contains a combination of pictures and recipes from my 2010 posts on this blog.  Take a look the preview below.  If you are interested to have one or more than one for your friends, families or colleagues, I […]

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  • Malang Chicken Noodle

    Cwi Mie Malang Recipe (Malang-Style Chicken Noodle)

    FollowShare Did you notice that I often write “region” then “style” for a name of recipe?  Since each region has different specialty for a dish, I often do it to make sure where this dish came from. Malang is a city in East Java and isn’t that […]

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  • Atjar

    Acar Recipe (Indonesian Pickle)

    FollowShare Acar (pronounce: aa-char) is the Indonesian word for pickle or the Dutch writes it atjar (an Indonesian old spelling). I believe the name of acar was influenced by the Indian traders who came to Indonesia long time ago. In Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, pickle […]

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  • Mie Rebus

    Bakmi Godhog Recipe (Java Style Boiled Noodle)

    FollowShare Besides bakmi, mie or mi is Indonesian words for noodle.  Godhog is a Javanese word for Rebus in Indonesian or Boiled in English.  So, Bakmi Godhog (or Mie/Mi Rebus) is literally translated Boiled Noodle in English. This Java style contains simpler spices compare to […]

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  • So Nice Giveaway!

    So Nice Giveaway!

    FollowShare I’m so excited about this So Nice giveaway as I have given a heads up on my White Asparagus post.    Thank you to Monica Hamburg who helps me making this happen. So Nice is one of non-dairy beverage brands that I often use.  Honestly, I only […]

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