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  • Es Timun Aceh Recipe (Acehnese Iced Cucumber Limeade)

    Es Timun Aceh Recipe (Acehnese Iced Cucumber Limeade)

    FollowShare The cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, which include squash and the same genus as the muskmelon. Cucumbers are commonly harvested while still green. They can be eaten raw or cooked, or pickled. They have less nutritious […]

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  • Yellow Acar Mackerel

    Yellow Acar Mackerel Recipe (Acar Kuning Ikan Kembung)

    FollowShare I still remember the day when I bought ikan kembung (short-body mackerel) at Dong Thai. At that time, I wasn’t sure if those fish are kembung, since they were labeled as hasa-hasa. It is a name in Bikol. According to wikipedia, Bikol or Bicolano […]

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  • Ikan Makarel Panggang

    Ikan Makarel Panggang with Sambal Kecap Petis Recipe (Grilled Mackerel with Petis Sambal)

    FollowShare Back to my homecity, Sidoarjo (a suburban city of Surabaya, the capital city of East Java province) which we can call for a home of petis udang (shrimp paste) and petis kupang (a kind of tiny clam paste). People there love to eat almost […]

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  • Sambal Bakso

    Sambal Bakso Megahsari (Chili Sambal for Bakso)

    FollowShare Bakso is such a staple food in Indonesia, though this food was influenced by the Chinese. In Indonesia, it’s sold mostly at street food vendors or hawkers. In several cities in East Java, such as Probolinggo, bakso is a meatballs soup that is served […]

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  • Lumpia Seafood

    Lumpia Goreng Seafood Recipe (Fried Seafood Springroll)

    FollowShare Lumpia is a pastry that the Indonesian calls for spring roll. Lumpia’s term derives from lunpia in the Hokien dialect of Chinese. In Netherlands, it’s spelled as loempia which is the old Indonesian spelled for lumpia and also become the generic name for spring […]

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  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

    FollowShare Renewed picture on Oct 4, 2011 Hainanese Chicken Rice is popular to be known as Nasi Ayam Hainan or Hainam in Indonesia. There are many different version of Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is the one that I know. Hainan Island is the smallest province […]

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  • Nasi Kuning

    Nasi Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Yellow Fragrant Rice)

    FollowShare This Nasi Kuning can be translated as Indonesian Style Yellow Fragrant Rice or Festive Yellow Rice. Why is it called festive? because It’s to be served at Indonesian traditional parties, such as housewarming, welcoming guest. This is also good for anniversaries. In my family, […]

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  • Red Snapper Angsio (Sweet and Sour Red Snapper)

    Red Snapper Angsio (Sweet and Sour Red Snapper)

    FollowShare When I was in Indonesia, I lived around Chinese community. Even though I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, I sometimes say “Gong Xi Fat Choi” to my Chinese friends. Don’t forget Indonesian culinary is also influenced by Chinese culinary, so I used to have […]

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  • Rawon Buntut (East Java Style Oxtail Beef in Black Soup)

    Rawon Buntut (East Java Style Oxtail Beef in Black Soup)

    FollowShare When I bought beef oxtail from a halal store, I asked the butcher to separate 1.1 kgs of beef oxtail into two plastic bags, 500 grams and 600 grams. 500 grams of beef oxtail was made for Buntut Bumbu Asem Asem and still had […]

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  • Sup Buntut Rempah

    Sup Buntut Rempah Recipe (Indonesian Spiced Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sup Buntut is one of popular soups in Indonesia. I used to make it with Indonesia instant seasoning “Munik”. The original recipe uses beef oxtail, carrots, chinese celery leaves, potato, shallots, garlics, ground nutmeg, cloves, white/black pepper, salt, and sprinkle with slice of green […]

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