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  • Indonesoan Goat Curry

    Gulai Kambing (Indonesian Goat Curry)

    FollowShare Slowly but sure, I will post the recipe of Eid ul-Fitr. You can tell by the ingredients, this Gulai Kambing or Goat Curry was influenced by Indian culinary. I enjoyed the Gulai Kambing with lontong (Indonesian rice cake) or nasi (warmed steamed rice). This […]

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  • Collage Eid

    Indonesian Eid ul-Fitr Dishes 2009

    FollowShare I posted these hidangan lebaran longer than I thought. Hidangan Lebaran literally means Eid ul-Fitr dishes. In Indonesia, we call Eid ul-Fitr for Idul Fitri or Lebaran. On this day, Indonesians usually make special dishes. I didn’t really think to make special ones as […]

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  • Bubur Pulut Hitam

    Bubur Ketan Hitam Recipe (Black Glutinous Rice Pudding) and Indonesia Eats on Very

    FollowShare In Indonesia, especially Java it’s known as Bubur Ketan Hitam.  In places with heavy Malay influences (such as Sumatra , Malaysia and Singapore) this is called Bubur Pulut Hitam.  Meanwhile in Bali (even though it’s still in Indoensia), it’s given a name Bubur Injin. […]

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  • Gulai Paku

    Gulai Paku (Pakis) – Minang Fiddleheads Curry

    FollowShare Edible fiddleheads are only available during late May to early June in Manitoba, Canada. It means I only eat once a year since I moved to this country. Since my father was a part of Sumatrans, our family used to have edible fidleheads for […]

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  • Pepes Ikan kembung

    Pepes Ikan Kembung (Indonesian Mackerel en Papillote)

    FollowShare Cooking in parchment paper, en papillote in French or al Cartoccio in Italian. It’s a perfect technique for delicate fish filets. This method in which we seal the food in a pouch and bake. The food essentially steams in the oven in its own […]

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  • Nasi Uduk

    Nasi Uduk (Betawi Scented Coconut Rice)

    FollowShare Nasi Uduk or Scented Coconut Rice from Jakarta (Betawi) is a great pair with Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak (Barbequed Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce) As you may know from my previous post that these two dishes, Nasi Uduk and Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak were […]

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  • Barbequed Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce

    Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak (BBQ Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce)

    FollowShare The last time, I had this barbecued chicken when I still lived at my parent’s house. I never made this before and decided making it for the food photo’s purpose of Indonesian Food Festival 2009 which is hosted by Indonesian Student Group of Winnipeg […]

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  • Fish Asam Padeh Ingredient

    Fish Asam Padeh (Minang-Style Hot and Sour Fish)

    FollowShare Disclaimer: Asam padeh tongkol comes with medium amount of reddish mixture liquid. Don’t do what I have done, mine was too dry. I left the kitchen and almost forgot with my cooking. 🙂 A whole of skipjack tuna (Indonesian: ikan tongkol) had been sitting […]

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  • Lontong Sayur Rebung

    Lontong Sayur Recipe (Indonesian Cooked Vegetables in Coconut Milk with Rice Cake)

    FollowShare Lontong sayur was one of the breakfast routine dishes when I lived in Bogor. A kind of breakfast that we can get from street food vendors with less price where you can add a protein choice such as boiled egg, beef or chicken. Due […]

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  • Indonesian Stewed Oxtongue

    Indonesian Oxtongue Semur Recipe (Semur Lidah)

    FollowShare Although nutmeg is native to Indonesia, it is not often used in cooking, except in beef, oxtail, or oxtongue soups or stews such as this semur lidah. Added by potato cubes into semur lidah, you can tell this dish was influenced by the Dutch. […]

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