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  • kare-kare500pix

    Oxtail Kare-Kare Recipe (Filipino Oxtail Peanut Stew)

    FollowShare Kare-Kare is such an intrigue word for me when the first time I heard it. Kare (also known as kari) means curry in bahasa Indonesia. It’s hard for me to not drooling when I heard the words Oxtail Kare-Kare. I’m an oxtail lover and […]

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  • IMG_4798

    Putong Puti Recipe (Filipino Steamed Rice Cakes)

    FollowShare To introduce more about Filipino foods, I have my dear friend Elizabeth Besa Quirino of Asian in America, a Filipina who lives in the US with her Putong Puti recipe. Being an Indonesian, when I hear or read the words “Putong Puti”, I immediately […]

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  • Filipino Banana Lumpia

    Filipino Turon (Banana Lumpia)

    FollowShare Those who are Indonesians would recognize these banana snacks as Pisang Aroma (literally translated aroma banana).  In Indonesia, pisang aroma has many different variants by adding jackfruit, pineapple, chocolate sprinkle (meises) and grated cheese. I myself am too lazy to make.  Winnipeg was so […]

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  • Cassava Cheese Cake

    Cassava Cheese Cake Recipe (Kue Singkong Keju)

    FollowShare Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also called yuca or manioc, is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to South America. There are two names for cassava in Indonesian, singkong and ubi kayu. According to wikipedia, it is extensively cultivated as an annual crop […]

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  • Cuka Aren&Cuka Lahang

    Canesugar and Nypa Sap Vinegars (Cuka Lahang and Cuka Aren)

    FollowShare I realized some of my Indonesian readers don’t know about Cuka Lahang (Canesugar Vinegar). This vinegar is used in West Java area more, especially for sate maranggi (Cianjur or Purawakarta Beef Sate). Another vinegar that I like to use is Cuka Aren (Nypa Sap […]

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