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  • Sambal Bakso

    Sambal Bakso Megahsari (Chili Sambal for Bakso)

    FollowShare Bakso is such a staple food in Indonesia, though this food was influenced by the Chinese. In Indonesia, it’s sold mostly at street food vendors or hawkers. In several cities in East Java, such as Probolinggo, bakso is a meatballs soup that is served […]

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  • Top 15 Indonesia Eats Recipes

    Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine

    FollowShare Cik Stella, one of my contacts at multiply was posting a Korean recipe “Dolsot Bibimbap” (bibimbap in a hot stone pot). She told that she is new to Korean cuisine. I offered her to post “Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine”. In NCC , Indonesian […]

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  • Candlenuts – Kemiri – Noix de Bougie

    Candlenuts – Kemiri – Noix de Bougie

    FollowShare Finally I made two photos of candlenuts as I promised a week ago or couple days ago.Several Indonesian recipes are called for candlenuts (Aleurites molucanna) as one of ithe ingredients. It is used to be added to give the flavor as well as a […]

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  • Batak Pepper

    Andaliman – A Family of Sichuan Pepper

    FollowShare Photo has been updated on October 1Being a half of Tapanuli (Batak) descendant, I should introduce Andaliman. In which a common ingredient to be used in North Sumatra. It’s added to many dishes such as arsik (cooked fish with spices) and sambal andaliman   Andaliman (Zanthoxylum […]

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