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  • Japanese Souffle Cheese Tart

    Japanese Souffle Cheese Tart

    FollowShare I love souffle! I love cheesecake! I love tart! This recipe is adapted from Japanese Souffle Cheesecake of Kyoko’s Kitchen. It is supposed to use 18 cm round cake pan, but my springform pan is 22-cm, so I decided to make individual size by […]

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  • Muhallabia

    Muhallabia (Lebanese Almond Cream Pudding) Recipe

    FollowShare I got this recipe from recipezaar. It’s easy to make. It could be tasted different for Indonesians, who are used to know that rose water is for face/body cosmetic purpose. Anyway, you can find this rose water at middle eastern store, and for those […]

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  • Sup Buntut Rempah

    Sup Buntut Rempah Recipe (Indonesian Spiced Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sup Buntut is one of popular soups in Indonesia. I used to make it with Indonesia instant seasoning “Munik”. The original recipe uses beef oxtail, carrots, chinese celery leaves, potato, shallots, garlics, ground nutmeg, cloves, white/black pepper, salt, and sprinkle with slice of green […]

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  • Japanese Curry

    Japanese Curry

    FollowShare I grew up with Japanese cartoon characters. One of my favourites was “Born To Cook”.  It was about a young guy who really wanted to be a chef. He had a cooking battle like Iron Chef.  As I remember he cooked Japanese Style Curry, […]

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