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    New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake with Saskatoon Berry Compote

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love the classic New York Style Cheesecake? Two things that I added were strawberry and lovely Canadian Prairies berry, Saskatoon berry. I never feel regret that I had to move out from the city due to my work’s location. I live close […]

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  • Pepes Ikan kembung

    Pepes Ikan Kembung (Indonesian Mackerel en Papillote)

    FollowShare Cooking in parchment paper, en papillote in French or al Cartoccio in Italian. It’s a perfect technique for delicate fish filets. This method in which we seal the food in a pouch and bake. The food essentially steams in the oven in its own […]

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  • Matcha Pudding

    Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding

    FollowShare Matcha or green tea powder in Japanese has become popular ingredient all over the world. You can name a number of different bakery or coffee shops which are selling their goodies/beverages with matcha included. Not only the good taste but the healthy effect of […]

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  • Nasi Uduk

    Nasi Uduk (Betawi Scented Coconut Rice)

    FollowShare Nasi Uduk or Scented Coconut Rice from Jakarta (Betawi) is a great pair with Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak (Barbequed Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce) As you may know from my previous post that these two dishes, Nasi Uduk and Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak were […]

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  • Cream of Mushroom and Dill Soup

    Cream of Mushroom and Dill Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Temptation to make a vegan version of mushroom and dill cream soup was held for moment and I couldn’t resist anymore. Plus, I didn’t have a class on Monday. The purpose of making vegan cream mushroom soup was to let my husband enjoy the […]

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  • Homemade Vegetarian Stock

    Homemade Vegetarian Stock Recipe

    FollowShare Homemade Vegetarian Stock is easy to make, especially if you are really concerned about your diet. By making your own stock, at least you know what the ingredients are. A number of store-bought stocks contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which I have problem with. I […]

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  • Single Portion of VSR

    Vietnamese Salad Rolls Recipe (Gỏi Cuốn – Nem Cuốn)

    FollowShare I supposed to post Vietnamese Salad Rolls before my Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom. Too bad, I didn’t have time to take pictures on New Year’s eve. On that night, I chose Vietnamese Salad Rolls with Vietnamese Barbecued Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane as […]

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  • Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom

    Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom

    FollowShare First food that I made on January 1, 2009. Seeing King Oyster Mushroom many times at Asian stores, but I hadn’t tried yet. I wondered how King Oyster Mushroom tasted like, did King Oyster Mushroom have the same taste as Oyster Mushroom? So far, […]

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  • [Home Food Photography] Konsep – Teri’s Party

    [Home Food Photography] Konsep – Teri’s Party

    FollowShare One very general idea: always try to think of a story behind the photo (e.g. table setting, sunny mood, comfort food, stylish food), which impression do you want. – Thorsten Kraska – Dita of Yummy, the founder of Home Food Photography event, has invited […]

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  • Balado

    Balado, The Tangy Chili Sambal from West Sumatra

    FollowShare Sambal is such a staple sauce in Indonesia, with plenty of different assortments depend on the region. Another variety of sambals from Western Sumatra (a.k.a Minang) is balado. As I grew up with balado, this one was always on my dining table, at least […]

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