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    Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce

    FollowShare If you go to Dimsum restaurants, you will see chicken feet on the menu. They usually add angkak (also known as Beni-koji, Hong Qu, Hung-chu, Monascus; Red Koji, Red Leaven, Red Rice, Red Yeast Rice, Xue Zhi Kang, Zhitai) to get red effect in […]

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  • Red Snapper Angsio (Sweet and Sour Red Snapper)

    Red Snapper Angsio (Sweet and Sour Red Snapper)

    FollowShare When I was in Indonesia, I lived around Chinese community. Even though I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, I sometimes say “Gong Xi Fat Choi” to my Chinese friends. Don’t forget Indonesian culinary is also influenced by Chinese culinary, so I used to have […]

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