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  • Bunga Turi

    Bunga Turi (Sesbania grandiflora)

    FollowShare I call this bunga turi (in Javanese: kembang turi); literally translated bunga or kembang means flower and turi is the tree name for Sesbania grandiflora in Indonesian. Although I had bunga turi for the first time when I was a kid, I noticed some […]

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  • Cha Ram

    Vietnamese Shrimp Egg Rolls Recipe (Cha Ram)

    FollowShare This time I made the shrimp version of Vietnamese Egg Rolls to complete my Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Rice Vermicelli (Bun Tom Nuong).  Compare to Indonesian lumpia, Cha Ram (Vietnamese Shrimp Egg Rolls) is very simple to make.  Enjoy this cha ram with any of your favourite […]

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  • Bun Tom Nuong

    Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Rice Vermicelli Recipe (Bun Tom Nuong)

    FollowShare A post of A Food Lover’s Journey for Delicious Vietnam #2 announcement caught my attention. I asked her if I’m allowed to participate since I am just a fan of Vietnamese food. So, I decided to be a part of Delicious Vietnam #2 who […]

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  • Indonesian Avocado Shake

    Jus Alpukat Recipe (Indonesian Avocado Blended/Shake)

    FollowShare For people who only know that avocado is added into savoury dish, I’ll tell you something about avocado. I grew up with fresh fruit shake that we can buy from the street food hawkers at most places in Indonesia. My favourite fruit shakes are […]

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  • Smoked Duck Fried Rice

    Smoked Duck Fried Rice

    FollowShare This smoked duck was leftover from our New Year’s dinner. My uncle in law asked a help his colleague to smoke a whole duck. After the dinner, he then left the carcass, fat, skin and some meat for me to bring home. I baked […]

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  • Garlic Mussel

    Garlic Mussel with a Japanese twist

    FollowShare If you go to seafood restaurants here, you may find garlic mussel on the menu. Most restaurants will apply dry white wine. Another way of cooking this, it’s by twisting with Asian style. Enhancing with the Japanese broth or dashi is not a bad […]

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  • Dashi

    Homemade Dashi Stocks

    FollowShare One day, I stumbled upon Serge the Concierge. Serge Lescouarnec, the owner of the blog offered a Cooking and Manga on Menu for Everyday Harumi book contest part 3. I submitted my answer of a Manga on Food and Cooking. Manga was a part […]

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  • Flan de Kiwi y Pandan

    Flan de Kiwi y Pandan Recipe (Kiwi Flan with Pandan)

    FollowShare Terribly forgetful to post this recipe!!! I had photos’ project about a year ago for Natural Kiwifruit Del Miño based in Portugal. To create five dishes with kiwi as one of the main ingredients as well as the picture.s The photos should represent its […]

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  • Bubur Ayam Kuning

    Bubur Ayam Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Yellow Chicken Congee)

    FollowShare Bubur Ayam (Chicken Congee or Chicken Rice Porridge) is a breakfast style of people who live in western part of Java island in Indonesia. I used to consume this once I moved to Bogor. There are some different types of chicken congee depend on […]

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  • Matcha Pudding

    Matcha (Green Tea) Pudding

    FollowShare Matcha or green tea powder in Japanese has become popular ingredient all over the world. You can name a number of different bakery or coffee shops which are selling their goodies/beverages with matcha included. Not only the good taste but the healthy effect of […]

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