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  • Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup

    Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup Recipe (Canh Củ Sen)

    FollowShare The idea of making Canh Cu Sen (Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup) happened when I stumbled upon Wandering Chopsticks post.  The original recipe is applied pork bones or ribs.  For those who can’t eat pork as I do, you can use beef marrow or beef […]

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  • Durian Pudding - Indonesia Eats

    Durian Pudding with Pandan Vla Recipe

    FollowShare Durian is a fruit that either people will love it or hate it. Durian’s name comes from a Indonesian/Malay word “duri” which means thorn and -an is a suffix together for building a noun in bahasa Indonesia and bahasa Melayu.   The durian tree […]

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  • Gorakka

    Tart or Sour Flavourings in Indonesian Cooking

    FollowShare I have posted this article in bahasa Indonesia on goorme before.  I promised to Shulie of Food Wanderings to write the English edition since we have been discussing about kokum on twitter quite some time.  It’s not like my usual post that I have a […]

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  • Bittermelon Omelette

    Bitter Melon Omelette

    FollowShare My family style of omelette is added by shallot and chili slices and we enjoy it with sambal kecap manis (kecap manis, shallots, chilies and key lime). Growing up with bitter melons (pare, paria) for salad, stir fry and dumpling, I never thought making […]

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  • Delicious Vietnam

    Delicious Vietnam #9 – Round Up

    FollowShare I called this Delicious Vietnam #9 round up as something sweet and something savoury. From all the participants, I realized we tend to make a snacky thingy that is great for party foods. Are you throwing a party with a Vietnam theme? Please include […]

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  • Hến Xào Xúc Bánh Tráng

    Vietnamese Stir Fried Baby Clams with Sesame Rice Crackers Recipe (Hến Xào Xúc Bánh Tráng)

    FollowShare Before I go any further, I need to make it clear. Bánh Tráng Me (Bánh Da) is not the same with banh trang. Bánh Tráng Me (Bánh Ða) is not the rice paper for wrapping the spring roll or summer roll. Also, the complete […]

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  • Singapore Chili Crab

    Singapore Chili Crab Recipe

    FollowShare Singapore Chili Crab is really popular outside Southeast Asian countries.  However, there are other Chili Crab versions in each SE Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.  Indonesian style chili crab is known as Kepiting Saus Padang (Crab in Padangese Sauce) which you can […]

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  • Garlic Chives

    Garlic Chives and The Flowers

    FollowShare Garlic Chive (Allium tuberosum) is one of my favourite Ingredients. It has a flat, narrow, green stalk with a sharp, herbal garlic flavour and according to, it is originally from Southeast Asia. I’ve known garlic chive since I was a kid, but apparently […]

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  • Crab Asparagus Soup

    Crab and Asparagus Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love this typical egg drop soup?  This Chinese style gooey soup is a memoir of my childhood.  Whenever we went to the Chinese restaurant, we chose this soup for appetizer.  Often, mom recreated it at home.  While mom added fresh crab especially […]

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  • Tong Ho

    Tong Ho – Garland Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum Leaves

    FollowShare Names: Tong Ho, Garland Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Leaves, Crown Daisy, Shingiku, Tong Hao, Tung Ho, Tang Ho, Chong Ho, Kor Tongho, Tong Ho Choy, Tong Hao Cai, Thung Ho, Shunigku, Kikuna, Tan O, Cai Cui, Ssukgat, Chrysanthemum Greens Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum coronarium Edible tong ho […]

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