Bunga Turi (Sesbania grandiflora)

I call this bunga turi (in Javanese: kembang turi); literally translated bunga or kembang means flower and turi is the tree name for Sesbania grandiflora in Indonesian.

Although I had bunga turi for the first time when I was a kid, I noticed some Indonesian friends haven’t had it before. At the place where I grew up (East Java), bunga turi is used for Pecel (Javanese vegetables salad). In the Central area of Java, bunga turi is cooked for Sayur Asam (Vegetables Sour Soup) and Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables in Coconut Milk Stew). Sayur Asam reminds me of Thai Tom Yum or Filipino Sinigang. It’s common to add tomato or tamarind or bilimbi to get sour flavour in Sayur Asam.

Inspiring by fried zucchini flower, I tried making bunga turi tempura couple time. It turned out quite good.

I don’t know the English name for this flower since the Asian markets here label it in Tagalog (katuray) or Vietnamese (so Ä‘ÅŠa).

About the Author

An Indonesian-born who lived in Winnipeg, Canada for more than a decade prior to move to Edmonton in 2017. Indonesia Eats is a memoir of her homeland.